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Tradition and experience

In 2006 the company Gutshof-Tanne GmbH & Co. KG was founded by the three partners Hubertus Hegener-Hachmann, Karl-Johannes Heinemann
and Berthold Müller.


All three partners have been producing Christmas trees and cut foliage in their own forestry operations for many years and have since combined their experience and expertise in this field. The Christmas tree and cut foliage harvesting as well as palletising, picking and delivery are carried out by our own employees, machines and vehicles.

Gut Hegener-Hachmann

Hubertus Hegener-Hachmann
280 ha Forstbetrieb

Gut Heinemann

Karl-Johannes Heinemann
300 ha Land- und Forstwirtschaftlicher Betrieb

Hof Müller

Berthold Müller
150 ha Forstbetrieb

Christmas tree products

With a market share of almost 80%, the Nordmann fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Germany. The botanical name of the Nordmann fir is: Abies Nordmanniana. Its characteristic features are its uniform growth and soft needles consisting of rich green. The needles are particularly characterised by their long strength.

Strong green to steel-blue needles and a pleasant scent distinguish the number 2 of the most popular Christmas trees in Germany. Botanically the blue spruce is called "Picea pungens glauca".

The Nobilistanne (botanical: Abies procera) has a somewhat asymmetrical growth and a slender habit. It carries silvery blue needles and spreads an intense smell.

The needles of the red spruce (picea abies) are sharp-pointed. It is a traditional, inexpensive Christmas tree and is more important as a supplier of wood.

Our Christmas trees in pots are cut out and placed in a container with a soil ball. To protect them from soiling and to increase their stability, we use a red decorative foil that encloses the pot.


The potted Christmas trees are often placed outside the door or on a terrace. However, they are also suitable for placement in the home. Because these trees are cut out and not potted as in nurseries, we cannot guarantee that they will grow.

We have the following tree species and sizes in our assortment

Tree typeSizeQuality
blue spruce and
Nordmann firs
with pot
0,40 - 0,60 mPremium
0,60 - 0,80 mPremium
0,80 - 1,00 mPremium
1,00 - 1,25 mPremium
1,25 - 1,50 mPremium

Cut green

Branches of Nordmann fir are popular because of their fresh, rich green colour. They are suitable for both indoor and grave arrangements.

Nobilis branches are excellent for all arrangements. Because of their extreme needle strength and at the same time pleasant processing, they are becoming more and more popular with florists and consumers. These twigs are selection cut with silver-blue, upward curved needles. They are required for sophisticated decorations, vases and grave arrangements.


Within a radius of approx. 150 km we can deliver the products with our own vehicle fleet. From a distance of 150 km, we can take care of the transport by freight forwarding.

Care for cut Christmas trees

For many years we have been following the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree for Christmas. To ensure that you can enjoy your tree for a long time to come, we would like to give you a few important tips on how to keep it in good condition: place the tree in a cool place at home in a net, such as a garage, or in a place outdoors that is sheltered from the sun and wind. To protect the tree from drying out, place it in a bucket of water. To allow the tree to absorb the water, it is advisable to cut off the trunk another 1cm. Your tree can absorb several litres of water, especially in the first few days. Remove the packing net from bottom to top so that the branches and needles are not damaged. Before you set up the tree, you should knock the tree down strongly a few times with the trunk facing down, so that the branches can unfold better. When you place the Christmas tree in its festive location, you should make sure that there is always fresh water in the Christmas tree stand. If you follow our care tips, you will enjoy your Christmas tree well into January. We wish you a blessed Christmas.

Download PDF
Care tips cut Christmas trees


Wood crosses

As a cost-effective alternative to the standard Christmas tree stands, we offer wooden crosses in the sizes 70/70 and 50/50 with a cylindrical hole of 40 mm.


We produce wreaths from our cut greenery. The following wreaths are available in the sizes 25/30, 30/35 and 35/40:

  • Nordmann
  • Nobilis
  • Nordmann-Nobilis Mix
  • Conifer mix


We are happy to sharpen your trees in various radii by arrangement.

  • Milling
  • Mulching

We also offer the takeover of entire cultures.
Ask us, we will be happy to help you.

Ecology / Sustainability


The forestry operations of the shareholders of the Tanne Manor were the first company in all of Germany to receive PEFC certification.

The essential requirements include:

  • Compliance with the general PEFC forest standards for sustainable forest management.
  • Regulation on the conservation of biological diversity, soil protection and occupational safety.
  • Strict regulations on the use of herbicides or fertilisers - far beyond the legislation.

Global G.A.P. (Global Good Agricultural Practice)

In this way we meet our social responsibility and environmental protection. Through this certification, the consumer can be sure that the trees have been produced in accordance with applicable legal and ethical conditions.

Good to know...

  • There are over 1,000 companies in Germany which produce Christmas trees and thus secure over 10,000 jobs.
  • During the growth phase of ten years, one hectare of a Christmas tree culture binds up to 145 tonnes of CO2 and simultaneously produces up to 105 tonnes of oxygen. Christmas tree cultures therefore make a significant contribution to improving the air climate.
  • The Christmas tree cultures also provide a habitat for many species of animals. In the Sauerland, 80% of the breeding pairs of the woodlark were found in Christmas tree cultures, according to a study.

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